Jay Park Source: Instagram / @moresojuplease

K-Pop Star Jay Park Heads to OnlyFans to Launch New Single 'McNasty'


Dreams can come true!

K-Pop superstar Jay Park took to social media Tuesday to announce a new single, "McNasty," which will be out on Friday. But the way the singer is approaching its promotion has people talking.

Park announced that he also launched an OnlyFans to support the single. On the account so far he's shared four posts, including behind-the-scenes clips from a video shoot, a video message where he talks about his new single (while inside a sauna) and of course a thirst trap.

The singer also joked about how some claimed he signed up for OnlyFans because he needs the money.

Click here to follow the star on OnlyFans and check out some thirst traps from Park's IG below.

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