Jamie Lee Curtis, left, and Lindsay Lohan, right Source: Twitter/ @Disney

First Look: Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Freaky Friday 2' Set

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Things are getting that much more freaky as Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis shared the first photo from the set of "Freaky Friday 2."

As reported by People, Lohan, 37, and Curtis, 65, can be seen smiling and holding hands in the photo, and the stars slyly nodded to the film's theme of switching places by sitting on the steps of each other's trailers.

It's the nostalgia we all need right now, especially considering the disappointing news that the Supreme Court plans to take up state bans for gender-affirming care for minors.

The announcement, shared by Walt Disney Studios on June 24, confirms that the sequel to the hit film will be released in theaters in 2025.

In March, Lohan shared that she was "excited to work with Jamie again and see how much further we can take it."

She added, "Because we talk almost every other day in general, so I think we're going to have a lot of fun with this."

According to Lohan and Curtis, the chemistry between the two actors has always been "easy."

"We met in an office, did the read-through, and it was game on in a big way. I had to let go of every control mechanism and just let it fly," said Curtis. "Lindsay was as fluid as I was. If you look at "The Parent Trap," she has a facility as an actor that is really impressive. It was a big job. It was a big production. And our relationship was very easy."

And the chemistry definitely shows in the first photo from set.

by Emell Adolphus

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