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The Hottest Queer Playlist for Pride Month


What is it about a beloved song that gets stuck in your head for all eternity? The song plays on a loop, and no matter the years that go by, the lyrics stay in your memory. And when you catch it at the grocery store or on the radio, you sing along word for word as if no time had passed.

This queer writer has the hottest playlist for you to add to your list of forget-me-not songs. Check out these fresh bangers from queer artists that are made for belting in the shower and screaming at Pride parades, because music captures the rhythm of our souls.

"Karma" – Jojo Siwa

The former Nickelodeon and "Dance Moms" star has been putting out electronic dance songs for the past few years that can't seem to get out of your head. Give this earworm a try where Siwa's "Dance Moms" skills are on full display – a fully choreographed jive on the deck of a ship in the music video. This out pop diva proves lesbian love bops can be as mainstream as pop gets.

"Spite" – Omar Apollo

This Mexican-American indie pop singer went viral in 2022 on TikTok with his single "Evergreen." The hit song landed him on the Billboard Hot 100, and he went from playing crowded rooms to sold-out arenas. Around the same time, fans accused the rising artist of queer baiting with teases in his songs. Apollo cut through the gossip once and for all and proudly came out as a gay man, detailing his struggles with coming out to his family in the tearjerker ballad "Ice Slippin." But "Spite" – his latest single climbing the charts – is a rhythmic reflection on his journey to his rightful place atop the music scene.

"Potential" – Lauv

It is just about impossible to have missed Lauv's breakout smash "I Like Me Better," an indie love song that swooned millions with its mashup of melancholy and nostalgia wrapped up in a melody fit for newly weds' first dance. But Lauv is the real deal – an artist who brings as much passion and ooey-gooey love feelings to his latest, "Potential."

"Can U Host?" – Jordy

Jordy has been making pop beats that sizzle with dance club vibes for years. But "Can U Host?" taps into the universal question many of us queers know all too well. Because if you get an answer "yes," then of course you're playing this song when you arrive at the host's house. And see if you can get it out of your head on the ride home.

"Training Season" – Dua Lipa (Chloe Caillet Mix)

It's hard to ignore Dua Lipa's presence in the music scene – a megawatt popstar who popped off with "New Rules" years ago and then established herself as a powerhouse player with her album "Future Nostalgia." And with "Dance the Night" being featured in last year's biggest blockbuster movie, "Barbie," Dua Lipa has earned her keep as a mainstay pop sensation who isn't going away anytime soon. Now, with "Training Season," her infectious disco-infused pop, remixed for a buzzier club play, keeps the fun going all summer long.

"One of Your Girls" - Troye Sivan

Troy Sivan blew up in a big way last summer (not to mention snagging a few Grammy award nominations along the way) with his smash "Rush," a gay boy's anthem and thinly-veiled story of boys kissing boys in the sweaty summer heat. But our vote goes to "One of Your Girls," a lusty play on longing and desire. Oh, and it features Sivan in drag in a strikingly uncanny reference to being, indeed, one of your girls.

"Take Me Home" - Vincint

Vincint, the gay pop sensation who has been featured on Netflix's "Queer Eye," takes us on a new musical journey with "Take Me Home." This upbeat queer anthem is the perfect bop for Pride, summer and days at the beach – it pops, fizzes, bounces and pumps full of life.

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by Roger Porter

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