David Hernandez in a still from "Sorry"

Watch: David Hernadez Releases New Video 'Sorry'


"American Idol's" David Hernandez is out now with his new single and music video, "Sorry."

Produced by Alex and Deshawn Teamer and written with Michael Orland, the song is a metaphoric letter to those David has hurt in the past as well as those who have hurt him. "Fifteen years ago, I met someone incredible,"Hernandez recalls. "I was just out of a break-up and not in the state of mind to realize how good this person was until it was too late. I broke their heart, lost them, and have never spoken with this person since but they are forever imprinted on my heart."

Being distributed independently, David Hernandez's "Sorry" is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Tik-Tok, Amazon, and all other major e-music retailers.

"Most of us carry regrets in life," David reflects from his Los Angeles home. "If someone passes away and you didn't get to say your goodbye, it can have a lasting impact on your soul. We tend to let you egos get the best of us but and later wish we could have said something sooner. Or in some cases, addiction can lead to many mistakes and destroy any relationship. Changing your behavior and apologizing to yourself for the harm you caused is important...then trying to repair relationships is the next step but sometimes won't work if it's too late.

Of course, David has been on the other side, too, where he's had to decide if it was better to stay with someone who caused him pain or walk away and cut his losses. "Whichever way you want to look at it, the result is ending up alone and loneliness sucks, but sometimes when you've had enough your mind can't be changed." he says.

18-year old Deshawn Teamer produced the drums, guitar and overall track for "Sorry". He is the son of Hernandez's long-time producer, Alex Teamer, who also produced the single and David's very first album back in 2011. The father-son team manage to give the mid-tempo track a Chainsmoker vibe while keeping David's authentic vocals intact.

The piano, played by David's mentor from his American Idol days, Michael Orland, and the violin, courtesy of Ashley Myers (French Montana, Wiz Khalifa), provide a genuine and raw base for "Sorry."

The music video was shot in West Hollywood in the middle of the current pandemic. The crew was kept to a minimum with only David, director Derek Caldera and cameraman Arno Diem on set. They were careful to distance from one another and only shot in areas where there were no other people.

Luckily, the empty streets and garage worked well with the song's theme. "It helps to convey the loneliness of being left with your thoughts after the one you love has left or you have left them. It's like your heart and soul have become this ghost town." David explains.

David Hernandez began singing at age six, starring in musicals and performing with various theatre companies. At fifteen, he started writing original music and recording his arrangements. In addition to "American Idol," he has showcased his talents on "The Ellen Show," "The Today Show," MTV's "TRL," "EXTRA," "Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood," "Teen Choice Awards," "Idol Tonight," FOX-TV's "Idol Gives Back". He was also named among TV Guides' Sexiest Stars and opened for John Legend at President Barack Obama's Inauguration.

His previous single, "Beautiful," released in 2016 became a Billboard Top 200 Dance Chart hit! He has released two full-length albums, 2011's "I Am Who I Am" and most recently, "KINGDOM: THE MIXTAPE,' an album that included twenty original tracks, many of which reflected on the, love, youth, heartbreaks and loss he has experienced over the last decade since rising to fame on American Idol. "I have grown since "KINGDOM: THE MIXTAPE"; emotionally and sonically," David says. "What I love about 'Sorry' is I'm allowing myself to be vulnerable andI'm getting closer to speaking my truth. It's basically me admitting, "Hey I fucked up. I am not perfect but I am trying to be better."

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