Watch: 12-Year-Old Calls Out Fellow Gamer's Homophobia

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday September 22, 2021

A 12-year-old is going viral for taking a stand against homophobia in gaming and being an example of LGBTQ allyship we all need.

As reported by the DailyDot, a TikTok video posted on Thursday by the gamer's sister @bumblebee__ reportedly shows him calling his gaming friends out on homophobia.

"So you just blatantly admit to being homophobic?" the boy says into his headset. "You realize that means I automatically don't like you, because that's really fucked up."

In the video he explains that @bumblebee__, his sister, identifies as a lesbian.

"She's gay and you blatantly said you don't support gay people," he says, explaining that the LGBTQ acronym stands for "more than just gay" and that not all trans people are gay.

"I genuinely do care, and I want to have this argument," he tells his friends. Proud, his sister captioned the video with "that's my boy."

The video has since garnered over 96,000 likes and has almost 400,000 views. The follow-up video has 206,000 likes and has been viewed over 775,000 times.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, @bumblebee__ simply said that it is nice to know they have a brother that listens. Although the exchange reportedly ended with the brother and his friends both being pissed off, the TikToker said the exchange is proof that explaining the LGBTQ community to kids is "not that difficult."

"A lot of younger kids, after you explain these things them, are way more polite and will follow pronouns more than older adults," said @bumblebee__ to Daily Dot.

See the small but powerful exchange below.


I'm glad he's starting to learn from my civil rights rants. #hestryinghisbest #homophobia #brothers ? original sound - LittleCanary