'Too Big for His Britches?' Check out Cody Allen's Sexy Swimsuit Design

Thursday September 3, 2020

An unnamed model in the marketing campaign for Cody Allen's swimsuit design
An unnamed model in the marketing campaign for Cody Allen's swimsuit design  (Source:www.shopflexsport.com)

LA-based stylist Cody Allen pays homage to his rural Texas roots with the design for swimwear for the FlexSport brand, and his results leave little to the imagination.

"'The inspiration is really this intersection of being queer and growing up in the South,' says Allen, who was raised in 'literally nowhere' from a Texas trailer 'on the outskirts of San Antonio' (Between Leon Valley and Helotes, to be specific)," writes Paper Magazine.

Having previously worked with Beyonce as a stylist on her "On The Run II" tour, Allen decided to break out on his own during the lockdown to create what he calls a "product of quarantine."

He says, "I've always wanted to have my own swimwear line — something sexy and cool — but never really found the time to do it. When the world started changing, I started to realize how important it was that I evolved, as well."

Part of that evolution is revisiting his former life, which is something of a 180 from his current one, and to take ownership of it. "Growing up with a gay hating family, in a gay hating suburb, you're constantly told all the things you can't do or shouldn't be doing," Allen says of his breakout brand. "This is just one of those things that over years of separating myself from that I realized I can do."

For the first product release with FlexSport, Allen focuses on "swimwear and underwear with a simple brief and thong in neutral tones like brown, black and beige (a bright tangerine is the most color available, right now)," he tells Paper. A double strap tank rounds out this three-style drop, offered in the same six colors. "I found a beautiful ribbed spandex that mimics cotton rib," Allen says of its material. "The boys are loving a speedo this summer, so I figured it was the perfect time to give them a cooler version."

And to honor its roots, he has come up with a simple marketing campaign featuring a model with wet, bleached hair posing suggestively in a swamp wearing thigh-high rubber boots. "This outback look underscores Allen's brand name, which he wanted to feel like a camo hat you'd find at a truck stop. You grab the tag, flip it over and it's probably gonna be named FlexSport,'" he told Paper.

And as he moves forward, he is confident about one thing: "You are going to see a lot of country boy come out through this project."

For more on Allen's suit, visit the FlexSport website.

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