Out Football Star Jake Bain Says His Father Abused Him, Others

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday October 30, 2020

Jake Bain
Jake Bain  (Source:Jake Bain / Instagram)

Jake Bain, the twenty-year-old former division one football star who famously played as an out athlete before quitting the sport last year, said in a tweet that his father abused him and others sexually.

Bain shared his statement Thursday on Twitter, writing:

I have in my possession over 20 pages of court documents, detailing the abuse that me, and many others endured at the hands of my father.

Bain's tweet went on to say that he would not release those documents for confidentiality reasons, but, he added, he thought the public should know about his claims. The tweet went on to allege that his father had been "showering with other students" as well as "emailing inappropriately" and hosting "sleepovers" that included students.

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that none of this is appropriate behavior for any adult to be displaying," Bain added, before going on to "urge anyone who is either employing him to coach or allowing him to use their facilities, to please stop" in order to prevent his father from continuing to perpetuate the alleged abuse.

Bain addressed being a survivor of sexual abuse in an Instagram post last May, writing, "To those of you who are victims of sexual abuse, I'm with you. I know how you may be feeling. I want you to know that you are not alone."

The post went on to describe feeling afraid when going to sleep at night and "Waking up to a sweat-filled bed, left with the fleeting thoughts and feelings of what we had to endure and carry on with us.'

"These scars of which I fear most, are also a constant reminder that I got through it," the post added. "I persevered. We are warriors, and just when you think you can't do it anymore... fight a little longer."

Bain's post did not identify his father by name, but a report at Kenneth in the (212) said his father is Eric Bain.

"Although the allegations are somewhat fuzzy -- where are these court documents filed? is there an ongoing investigation of his father? -- they are clearly disturbing," the Kenneth in the (212) article said.

"According to Eric Bain's LinkedIn, he currently works in training at the St. Louis Basketball Academy," the article added, going on to say that Jake's brother Trevor had "declined to comment."

Since emerging as a talented out athlete, Bains has become an advocate for LGBTQ youth. In an essay he wrote last summer for Teen Vogue, Bain recalled that "There was not a lot of representation for me growing up in the LGBTQ+ community, especially being Black."

Bain wrote that he knew announcing himself as anything other than heterosexual would have consequences, due to his prominence as a young athlete. Though he had been "heavily recruited by many Division 1 football schools" prior to coming out publicly, Bain found afterward that "My fears weren't all unfounded. After I came out, many of those recruiters who had been preparing to offer me full scholarships stopped communicating with me, seemingly for fear of having a gay player on their team."

Bain recently said that he now identifies as pansexual. He is pursuing a degree in sports psychology.

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