Watch: Kristen Stewart Launches Search Gay Ghost Hunters

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 7, 2022

Kristen Stewart in a video seeking gay ghost hunters for a new television show.
Kristen Stewart in a video seeking gay ghost hunters for a new television show.  (Source:Instagram)

Do you see dead people? Kristen Stewart reportedly wants to hear from you and make you a star.

As reported by People Magazine, Stewart is partnering with stylist CJ Romero and the producers behind Netflix's "Queer Eye" to create a new queer hunting ghost show.

In an Instagram post shared by Romero, Stewart announced that she is "excited to announce" the new project and her team of production partners. She teased that the show will be "the most gayest, most funnest, most titillating queer ghost-hunting show ever."

With that exciting news, the 32-year-old "Crimes of the Future" star also put out an open call for spook-tacular stars to try out for the show.

"We need to find the most incredible LGBTQ+ ghost hunters, paranormal specialists, mediums, psychics, investigators," she said.

Information on how to apply can be found in Romero's Instagram profile, who captioned the post with: "Are you a medium, historian, ghost hunting expert... and also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?? Well if so, please go to the link in my bio and apply today!!!! Can't wait to see what you ghouls bring us!"

At Cannes to promote "Crimes of the Future," Stewart recently shared her thoughts on the sometimes painful process of making art. Doing something fun like a ghost hunting show seems like a welcome break.

Stewart recently reportedly sold her Malibu beach house for $8.3 million. We wonder if ghosts had something to do with it?

Watch Stewart's open call for ghost hunters below.