Bowen Yang Wants to Battle Faye Dunaway on 'SNL'

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday June 2, 2022

A screenshot of Bowen Yang's Instagram page, with Ms. Dunaway added.
A screenshot of Bowen Yang's Instagram page, with Ms. Dunaway added.  (Source:EDGE composite image)

"Saturday Night Live" and "Fire Island" star Bowen Yang has famously used Faye Dunaway's name as his Instagram handle, and the Oscar-winning, legendary actor reportedly knows about it and wants to confront Yang on "SNL," reported Entertainment Weekly.

"There's a new development in this," Yang said during a Wednesday appearance on "Live With Kelly and Ryan." "As of, like, two weeks ago, I've gotten word that she knows about me having the handle and she does actually want to come on 'SNL' and confront me on live television."

The confrontation could happen during the show's Weekend Update segment, Yang teased.

"She wants it to be, like, maybe on [Weekend] Update," he said. "She gets brought out to talk about her social media handle being co-opted by this random Asian guy."

For a twist and throwback to Dunaway's iconic career, Kelly Rippa suggested that Yang dress up as the daughter to her infamous "Mommie Dearest" role as Joan Crawford.

Yang previously said during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" that he wants to be in a legal battle with Dunaway over the Instagram handle.

"It's interesting, but all I want is for Faye Dunaway — the real, Oscar-winning actress — to, like, sue me or something," he said. "I would go to court. I would get locked into the longest battle with her. All I want is just a cease-and-desist. Faye Dunaway, legendary actress Faye Dunaway, all I want is for you to reach out to me and call me 'that sniveling homosexual.'"

To that we say be careful what you wish for Bowen. If a history of feuds erupting during filming tells us anything it is that a fight with Faye is not for the faint of heart.