Watch: Comedian Andy Dick Arrested after Man's Claim of Sexual Assault

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday May 12, 2022

Watch: Comedian Andy Dick Arrested after Man's Claim of Sexual Assault

Comedian Andy Dick, 56, was arrested May 11 following a man's claim of sexual assault. The arrest was streamed live, TMZ reported.

"The arrest was streamed on Captain Content's RV live stream Wednesday," TMZ said. "You see several Orange Co. Sheriff's Deputies speaking with Dick before walking him to their vehicles, continuing the conversation and eventually cuffing him and taking him away."

Dick has been living in an RV, the report said, detailing that the comedian, who identifies as bisexual, was "arrested for felony sexual battery after an adult male at the O'Neill Regional Park claimed the comedian sexually assaulted him."

Page Six furnished more details about the arrest, saying that Captain Content RV "revealed a man who goes by the name of 'JJ' accused Dick, 56, of molesting him in his sleep."

The man, who Page Six described as "disoriented," is heard in a video posted by Captain Content RV telling another person, "I was just in bed right now, and I smelled certain parts of my body," after which he says that he and Dick were in an RV together, and "the last thing I remember, we were on the phone with his fiancée."

"JJ" goes on to reiterate, "I smelled parts of myself and they smell like artificial smells," the report added, going on to say "he thought he had lotion or lube-like substance in his butt."

Moments later, "JJ" is heard asking Dick, "Why did you assault me in my sleep?" Dick denies the accusation, though he asks "JJ" whether the man took his cocaine, Page Six recounted.

"JJ" responds, "No, I didn't even take it whenever it was offered."

Dick has faced legal troubles, including accusations of sexual assault, numerous times over the years. In 2010 he was charged with two felony counts stemming from allegedly grabbing the crotch of a bouncer at an establishment in West Virginia and also kissing a male clubgoer.

In 2018 he faced assault charges after allegedly groping a woman on a street in Los Angeles.

The following year he was charged over allegations that he groped a ride share driver.

"Dick has not been charged" in the current case, Page Six reported, "pending the District Attorney's review." The report says that bail in the case was set at $25,000. The comedian is "due in court Friday," May 13.

Watch the clip below.

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