Viewers Speculate on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Chris Conran's Sexuality...and he's Not Having it

Sunday September 12, 2021
Originally published on September 2, 2021

Chris Conran
Chris Conran  (Source:Instagram)

Viewers of ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" are suggesting that contestant Chris Conran is gay but the reality star quickly shot down speculation that he is not straight.

"'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant Chris Conran called out fans and social media trolls for making assumptions about his sexuality after his debut on the Monday, August 30, episode of the show," reports Us Weekly reports.

"I've noticed rumours of people questioning my sexuality online and on podcasts. I am not gay. It is disrespectful that society effeminates Asian men and uses 'gay' as a derogatory term. Don't impose sexuality on individuals," he tweeted.

What prompted the speculation from fans was his so-called bromance with fellow contestant Chasen Nick, reports the website Reality Titbit.

"They began questioning whether he is gay, after he told co-star Chasen: 'If we don't find love we can just walk to the sunset together,'" the website adds.

On IG, Conran posted a pic of himself with Chasen that may have contributed to the rumor: "Just Chasen sunsets with my brother. Might have lasted only a single night, but built relationships to last a lifetime." He ended with a heart emoji.

Another source of the gay commentary came from a podcast called "The Vaill Files," hosted by former "Bachelor" Nick Vaill. An episode released Wednesday featured comedian Dave Holmes, who recapped the show's Monday episode with Vail, a "Bachelor" star who has appeared several times in the franchise.

"First off, no joke, when he was walking down we only got a shot of his legs," the former "Bachelor," 40, said of Chris, who initially appeared on Clare Crawley's season of The "Bachelorette". "I wasn't sure. I was like, 'Oh, is this a guy or a girl?' Forget about the rotation, he has very pretty legs."

Holmes, a former MTV personality who came out in 2002, "suggested that Chris and Chasen Nick, who also joined 'BiP' on Monday, were added to the cast as an attempt to add a bisexual element to the show."

"I was getting kind of a fluid vibe from Chris and Chasen when they showed up," Holmes said. "I was certain that it was, like, 'Oh, these are the guys who are sort of bicurious, and Wells [Adams] is gonna make 'em a cocktail and who knows what may happen next.' That was my feeling. Because we've been there with women. We haven't been there with men yet."

He was referring to Season 6 of "BiP" which featured contestant Demi Burnett, who came out as bisexual and revealed that she was in love with a woman.

"Producers brought the woman, Kristian Haggerty, to the Mexico beach, and the pair finished the season by getting engaged. (They split in October 2019.)," adds Us Weekly.

"I wasn't sure about Chris," Vaill said. "I mean, even from the legs right off the bat."

Holmes said that the use of the term "smokescreen" was also a clue to Chris's sexuality. "Smokeshow just reeks of performative heterosexuality to me," the comedian said during the podcast. "I think it is a very silly thing to say. It feels like something a panicky 12-year-old boy says in the locker room just to be like, 'I like girls.'"