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What's HOT South Florida :: Nov. 30 - Dec. 3

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 30, 2017
The season is in full force. What season? The season to par-tay! Let the HOTNESS commence!

Pig Week Fort Lauderdale Aims to Attract New Demographic

Saturday Nov 25, 2017
Fort Lauderdale Pig Week launches marketing campaign to new demographic: Pigs!

33rd Annual White Party Week: Events Schedule

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 23, 2017
It's almost been a year and South Florida's gay community that loves to dance cannot wait for one of their favorite weekend events - White Part, that always takes place over Thanksgiving weekend.

What's HOT South Florida :: Nov. 23 -

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 23, 2017
Turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes... you like your holiday feast HOT, don't you? Here are some extra tasty trimmings to go with the banquet!

White Party Musical Lineup: 2017

By Scott Holland | Sunday Nov 19, 2017
Next week, Miami Beach will once again usher in thousands of party going revelers from around the world for the 33rd Annual White Party Week. As usual, the event organizers have an amazing array of musical talent lined up!

Five Tips to Eating Healthier This Holiday Season

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Nov 19, 2017
We live in a fast-paced world where everything must be accomplished in a rush. As a result healthy eating habits can fall by the wayside. Here's how to retake control of your nutrition!

Seven LGBT Films to Cozy Up to This Fall

By Mikey Rox | Saturday Nov 18, 2017
Over network TV? Tired of Hulu? Seen everything on Netflix? Dig a little deeper to find meaningful and surprisingly well-executed LGBT films making the festival rounds this fall.

Ryan Rose Gets Candid About Adult Film Industry

By Scott Holland | Saturday Nov 18, 2017
He is tall, he is handsome, he has the body of a Greek God and he is an adult male superstar. Who else can we be talking about other than Ryan Rose?

'Bad Moms' Stars Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell Talk Gay Bars, 'Frozen' Drag

By Chris Azzopardi | Saturday Nov 18, 2017
The "Bad Moms" cast settle in for some good dish about the movie, motherhood, and their gay fans.

What's HOT South Florida :: Nov. 16 - 24

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 16, 2017
Can't stand the heat? The holiday season is coming up and things are just getting warmed up!

Four Tips to Beat Stress

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Stress affects everybody every day. For the most part, it provides the kick you need to get off your behind and get things done. Chronic stress is another ball game. This week I'd like to share some tips that will help you beat stress.

Greg Louganis Talks Voice for Equality Award, Upcoming Projects

By Scott Holland | Saturday Nov 11, 2017
Equality Florida Institute will present two-time Olympian and four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis with its highest honor, The Voice for Equality Award, at the organization's 15th Annual Equality Florida Broward Gala.

What's HOT South Florida :: Nov. 10 - 14

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 9, 2017
Feeling blue? Hot up to Maroon... 5, that is... plus, it's a color Sasha flour rocks. Check it out of yourself! Details are right here.

Combating Five Energy-Draining Enemies

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Nov 5, 2017
Poor sleep, too much partying, or even more serious underlying medical conditions like diabetes and fibromyalgia can drain you big time. But there are energy draining enemies you can confront right now to put that tiger back into your tank!

Hot Beats :: Seven Tracks to be Thankful for this Season

By Jimmy Newsum | Sunday Nov 5, 2017
It may not seem that the LGBT community has a lot to be thankful for this year; the current administration continues to demonstrate their opposition to the LGBT community. But we've battled homophobia before and we'll do it again.

The OutField: 'Jocks,' Yesterday and Today

By Dan Woog | Saturday Nov 4, 2017
Across America - in rural towns, faceless suburbs and large cities - teenagers and 20-something gay males are shooting hoops, kicking soccer balls, handling hockey sticks, running, swimming and biking. They are working hard, and working out.

Mike Ruiz Serves Sexy HeartThrobs and Adorable Hounds

By Paul Hutnick | Saturday Nov 4, 2017
What happens when you pair the cutest pups on earth - who just happen to be in need of forever homes - with beautiful, hunky men? The year's most buzzed-about calendar, that's what.

What's HOT South Florida :: Nov. 2 - 7

By Scott Holland | Thursday Nov 2, 2017
You know the drill, right? This is where you come to find out where the doings are HOT. The rest is up to you!

Q&A: 'The King and I' Comes to the Kravis Center

By Scott Holland | Wednesday Nov 1, 2017
One of Rodgers & Hammerstein's finest works, "The King And I" boasts a score full of beloved classics. HotSpots finds out more in this exclusive interview with star Kavin Panmeechao.

'Drag Race' Star Alaska Talks VH1's 'Scared Famous'

By Scott Holland | Sunday Oct 29, 2017
The last time we spoke to Alaska was right after she was crowned the winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2." Since then she has been recording, traveling the world and filmed a reality TV show called "Scared Famous." We catch up with Alaska!

21 thru 40 of 1755