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Man robbed at knifepoint in Castro

By Alex Madison | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
A man was robbed at knifepoint early Sunday morning (June 17) in the Castro district, according to San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Robert Rueca. It is not known if the victim is a member of the LGBT community.

Pride 2018: Trans man helps others navigate their journeys

By Alex Madison | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
It has been 15 years since Socorro Moreland transitioned. It was an experience that inspired his career working with trans men of color to ensure they receive the help they need to live healthy, safe, and happy lives.

Pride 2018: Silicon Valley's new transgender champion settles into his job

By Heather Cassell | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
It's a pioneering position to be in, and it appears that Anthony Ross has the right stuff to pave the path to build real change that will impact the South Bay's transgender community for years to come.

Pride 2018: Pub owner brings her Irish roots to Oakland

By Cynthia Laird | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
When Jackie Gallanagh moved to the Bay Area from Ireland in 1996, there were 17 Irish pubs in San Francisco. She tried most of them.

Pride 2018: Grimm recalls 'isolating' experience in trans bathroom fight

By Sari Staver | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
After a three-year court battle to be allowed to use the boy's bathroom at his rural Virginia high school, trans teen Gavin Grimm said the experience has "opened up my world."

Pride 2018: Gay teen works to end bullying in schools

By Alex Madison | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
At 16 years old, most kids' priorities are getting their driver's license, being a part of the popular circle at school, or taking perfectly lit selfies.

Pride 2018: SF office aims to uplift transgender community

By Matthew S. Bajko | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
Inside an office space carved out of the ground floor of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center is a staff of three working to uplift the city's transgender residents as well as underserved members of the broader LGBT community.

Pride 2018: After TV spotlight, Ken Jones reflects on his activism

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
In the 2017 miniseries "When We Rise," a docudrama that tells the story of the birth of San Francisco's gay rights movement during the 1970s and 1980s, actor Michael K. Williams, who portrayed gay activist Ken Jones, was featured in a courtroom scene.

Pride 2018: LGBTQ community change makers

By Cynthia Laird | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
The Dykes on Bikes have blazed a trail for decades, leading the San Francisco Pride parade in a symbol of lesbian power and resistance. So, it was sad to hear that Soni Wolf, one of the group's founding members, died April 25.

Pride 2018: TV deal means wider Pride audience

By Alex Madison | Thursday Jun 21, 2018
The 48th annual San Francisco Pride parade will be the first syndicated Pride parade in the world, according to George Ridgely Jr., executive director of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee.

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