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by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 5, 2017

Robin Williams's face is comforting. Beneath all its cartoonish malleability, there's a pair of sad eyes looking back at you, and the hybrid is something that at once tickles your funny bone yet makes you want to cry. In certain ways, Williams's role in 1995's "Jumanji" is a perfect fit for his tragicomedy output. Playing a man torn away from his family and trapped inside a board game's deadly jungle for decades, Williams gives a lively and moving performance in this adaptation of a Chris Van Allsburg book. The film brings back many memories, being one of my first introductions to Williams aside from his voice talent as the Genie from "Aladdin," as well as the first time I saw Kirsten Dunst on screen.

Even today, "Jumanji" holds up as an entertaining adventure with humor, heart and even some slight moments of horror. That's why it's a shame to see the film rebooted in blatant cash-grabbing fashion with the upcoming release of "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillen and Jack Black in an updated version of this classic tale. I'd imagine this reboot's impending release led to the decision to haphazardly update the Blu-ray for the original "Jumanji," as well as creating a 4K Ultra HD copy for people with the proper equipment.

The new Blu-ray obviously features a sneak peek of "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," because that's the reason for its existence. Aside from this promotion and two additional bonus features (never-before-seen deleted scenes and a new gag reel), there's nothing that distinguishes this Blu-ray to other incarnations, including a 20th anniversary edition that came out in 2015. Unless you're springing for the 4K, save your money.

Bonus features include:
• Sneak Peek of "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"
• NEW Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes
• NEW Gag Reel with Robin Williams and the Cast
• Two episodes of the 1996 "Jumanji: The Animated Series" TV show
• Original Theatrical Trailer
• Special Effects Crew Commentary
• Making-of Documentary
• Production Design Documentary
• SFX Featurette
• Storyboard Comparisons

Blu-ray and Digital HD


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