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Meet Last years Mr Fire Island Bear

By David Goodman | Sunday Mar 26, 2017
The third annual Fire Island Bear Weekend is coming on June 15th - 18th 2017. Part of the weekend is the Mr Fire Island Bear competition. We caught up with last year's winner, Patrick Donohue, to talk about the competition.

Furball NYC 3-31-17

By Robin Gray | Sunday Mar 26, 2017
Next Friday sees the return of Furball NYC, warming you up for The Black Party. Get all the info and check out the sexy pictures from the last Furball.

Anthony's Kitchen: Totellini Salad with Bacon

By Anthony Caltabiano | Sunday Mar 26, 2017
This week on Anthony's Kitchen is my recipe for Tortellini Salad with Bacon. It's a very tasty meal, or in smaller portions a great lunch.

Homo Erectus Boylesque Show

By Catalin Stellian Shanks | Sunday Mar 19, 2017
Bear World Magazine was in the front row to cheer and enjoy the BEARlesque babes at The Stonewall Inn. I am telling you people, this is a show you should not miss.

3 Travel Apps I'm Currently Obsessing over

By Robert Coles | Sunday Mar 19, 2017
I live with one of my phones in my hand, pretty much at all times. We're the most connected we've ever been, and I'm not ashamed to say I check my email and social media networks before bed and right when I wake up.

Anthony's Kitchen: Pepperoni Bread

By Anthony Caltabiano | Sunday Mar 19, 2017
Hi and welcome to Anthony's Kitchen, with me Anthony Caltabiano. Each week I will bring you a great recipe that's fun, easy and looks good. This week I am going to create one of my favorite crowd pleasers, Pepperoni Bread.

10 Tips for Surviving Long-Form Travel

By Robert Coles | Sunday Mar 12, 2017
We all love to vacation. Usually it's just getting away to relax for a few days, but very occasionally, we take time out and go for a long vacation somewhere special. Here's my top tips on how to make the most of long-form travel.

Wester Exposure - Palm Springs

By Robin the Editor | Sunday Mar 12, 2017
Check out all the info on this new clothing optional bear weekend in Palm Springs, March 30th - April 3rd.

Six Ways to Spice Up Your Business Trips

By Robert Coles | Sunday Mar 5, 2017
If you have to travel for business, like me, try these tips to make your boring business trip an adventure!

Meet Luis from Cuba!

By David the CEO | Sunday Mar 5, 2017
Last year saw the first commercial flight from the USA to Cuba fro 50 years. Jet Blue had the honor of the celebrated first flight. Now you can fly from 5 US cities, New York, Ft Lauderdale, Los Angeles Tampa and Orlando.

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